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The Vlašić is a high mountain ridge than dominates its surroundings like a giant fortress. With its forests, pastures and numerous springs it is a tourist site of major importance in the region. The highest peak is called Paljenik and rises up to 1943 m (6375ft) above sea level. Mt. Devecani (1760m) and Mt. Galica with their numerous well marked routes are attractive targets for mountaineers. On the Babanovac (1260m) which is linked to Travnik by a 20km macadamised road, there used to bi a well known centre of winter sports with 6 ski lifts, 15 km of cross-country skiing trails and 4 ski jumps. Here are the ski-lifts on Vlašić:

1.Ugar – capacity of 650 persons per hour (not working),
2.Markovac capacity of 650 persons per hour also,
3. Babanovac a double ski-lift capacity of 2100 persons per hour
4. Two Baby ski-lifts for the children and beginners, with capacity of 300 persons per hour.

This ski-lift is equipped with reflectors for the night-skiing every evening, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

The biggest, a 90 m ski jump, was the site of the annual International Vlasic Cup Contest which were integrated in the Cup of Europe.

The attractiveness of the region around Mt. Babanovac was evidenced by more than 400 private holiday chaltes and several hotels and boarding houses. The Valsic and the Babanovac are areas where snow can be guaranteed for five month. Storms are seldom and the skiing trails are well protected from strong winds. The Vlasic mountains are also attractive in the other seasons of the year, particularly in summer.

Sheep breeding is a centuries old occupation here. The tourist can buy the famous Trvanik cheese directly from the shepherds in the mountains.

The Vlasic Mountain is also famous of the Vlasic cheese which is one of the best white cheeses in brine. It is assumed that a technique of cheese making in brine was brought by nomads from East who called themselves Vlasic. So, Vlasic was named after them. This tradition was later taken over by farmers from other mountains so this cheese is now being produced all over Bosnia and a broad region.

Cheese is being originally produced by using non pasteurized, fresh sheep milk, right after the milking. It is mostly being produced on the Mountain in sheds called katuns and kept on the mountain for 2-3 months for aging. After that, villagers were selling it around, but mostly on the Travnik market so it is also called Travnik cheese. However, Vlašić/Travnik cheese can be also produced of cows milk for the ones for whom the aroma of sheep milk is too strong. Cheese is traditionally being cut into thick slices and stored in wooden casks.

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